Spring Fever


The days are getting longer, but I’m still stranded in my bed

Birds are chirping loudly, drowned out by the noises in my head

I should be up and at ’em, should be on the move

But I’m still in my rut, instead of in my groove


I catch a fading glimpse of motivation here and there

So badly want to feel, so dearly want to care

The medication’s helping, but no such thing as a fix

Throw it all at the wall, just hope that something sticks


The days are getting warmer, though often soaked with rain

I know I need to push myself, constant  yelling at my brain

Spin myself off the couch, place both feet on the ground

One foot and then the other, walk towards the sound


I’m sick of being down and out, sick of wishing things were new

Tired of that helpless feeling, so many things to do

I know talk is cheap, and I know action’s up to me

I know spring is in the air, and I need to be awake to see


Tiny steps today, towards the proper track

More than just out of bed, or to the store and back

Today I push myself, a little harder than before

There is a beautiful spring day, out there to explore


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